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Monday, March 20, 2017

March Giveaway!


Come down to our facebook page leave a comment and you're in with a chance to win some awesome goodies, its that simple! Be quick entries close Friday 7th April 2017 

Here's whats up for grabs:
• 1 Handmade Fabric Art Journal: Aqualicious
• 1 Kaisercraft script wooden word – CREATE
• 1 Docrafts Papermania Chronology clear stamp set
• 1 Couture Creation decorative die - PARTY BANNER
• 1 Kaisercraft Printed Tape 3 pack
• 1 Kaisercraft wrapping paper – Ephemera 
• 1 pack of 4" Heart Doily in White (10 pack)
• 1 pack of 4" Heart Doily in Red, Aubergine & Olive (6 pack)
• 1 Kaisercraft wooden Cogs Pack 45pcs
• 1 Couture Creations Crystalina Glitter Glue 20ml
• 1 pack of Imaginarium Designs tinies - chip Board cogs 
• 1 Clearsnap Smooch Spritz - Candle Glow


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trace & Learn: Digital printables for Children

     I wanted to write a litte about how I came to create the Trace & Learn printables.  I have been an early childhood educator for 17 years, the last 9 year of my career I have been a Family Day Care Educator, and It has been a great experience for me and I am so very grateful and very blessed to have had this opportunity.

      In the beginning of my Family Day Care journey, I had a gorgeous family cross my path and I had the wonderful opportunity to look after their precious little girl. One day as mum came to pick up her child she noticed we were enjoying some drawing and colouring in time, while chatting she just so happened to mention how in India (where she was from) the children there started school at the age of 3 (this was at around 2009 so I am unsure if this has changed since then) I was actually taken aback couldn't believe it. She then proceeded to show me how they gave the children there a little heads up when it came to writing their names. She told me that the children would start either with their name (which engages the child) or the alphabet. She began writing her child's name using a succession of dots so that she could trace around her name and would be able to practice using this method until she would be able to eventually write her name on her own.

     I was amazed and couldn't believe that such an easy process could really impact and help children and at such a young age. Not being a kindergarten  teacher however, I was a little hesitant. But thinking this might actually help the children in my care, in the long run, I thought I would give it a go.  As long as the children were willing and eager to also give it a go and seeing as they were around the age of 3 I thought why not give it a try.
     So with a marker I proceeded to write out the children's name with dots so they would have something to trace, I also decided to just plainly print out their name in 2 different sizes at the top of the page so that with time they could eventually identify the letters in their name, as i thought just their names in dots might confuse the children. 
     I then showed the children in my care their names I had written up and asked if they'd like to give it a go and try writing their name? and they were very excited to do so!  Of course, at first they had a little trouble but with my encouragement and when needed my help, they persevered until they were able to do it them self!  Oh, how excited and proud they were when they accomplished this.
Rosie feeling pretty excited thats she can write the letters in her name!
     It is a lengthy process and patience is needed but as long as the child wanted to practice, I was willing to print out another copy of the original for them. Also most of these children were in my care until they were 4 or 5 so they had plenty of time to practice when they chose to (sometimes they would even ask me if they could do it).  By the time they were ready for school, most of the children were able to write their own names.  I was so excited for them and proud of their accomplishments. Knowing that I had a little part in this and was able to help them was quite an amazing  feeling.

     Naturally, problems would arise, I would try to think how I could help them to make it easier for them. So along with their names to trace I offered the children the alphabet to trace so that they could get a feel for the other letters too.
First attempt at trying the full alphabet.

       I also put together a shape version to help with different angles and curves (this worksheet was always very popular!)
Picture on the left side show his starting page (on the 30/10/2013) and picture on the  right shows his progress (26/3/2014)

Gracie's attempts and progress until care ceased in 2016, 3  years of age but as you can see she was attempting the letter 'E' on her own! 

This child not only had learnt how to trace and write her own name but she also learnt how to write my name! ツ
(I hope these example can inspire you.)

     Throughout my years in Family Day Care I hand drew each child's name and didn't really think of making a digital version. However my Family Day Care journey had to come to an end in December  2016, and so I decided that I now had  to create a digital version of these work sheets, so that parents and future educators could have access to the printables.  Which I'm happy to say are now available on my Etsy store and also available at

Available at  or also available on my Etsy store. 

Have a Scrapaliciously Delightful Day!! ツ

Friday, February 17, 2017

Product Play with Kaisercraft Decorative Dies ツ

Thought I would try to see what I could be able to do with the Kaisercraft decorative dies (Love Hearts) set. Its  a small dies set of two hearts, one with the word adore and the other with the word love, which is cut out along with the heart. 

Being of a small size (just under 2cm) and being a card maker mostly, I generally would tend to  think to make a card. This time however i wanted to try some canvas art! Take a look at the video below to see how it all came together...

The result two quite adorable canvases ツ

Available @

Have a Scrapaliciously Delightful Day!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Website ready to go!

Scrapalicious Delight now has a NEW website! Lots of great brands for your scrapbooking and crafting needs smile emoticon

Wishing you a Scrapaliciouly Delightful and Happy New Year! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Kaisercraft 9 frame photo display- Mothers Day Project

Kaisercraft Nine Photo Frame Display as is when you purchase.

I painted mine in a beige colour all over and painted the inner edges with a pink paint, then went over the entire frame with some gold acrylic paint. I then attached a piece of pattern paper to the back of the frame and a attached it all together.  The patterned paper didn't quite fit but that didn't bother me as i new i would be filling up the sections.

The angel word was also a kaisercraft wooden item, which i painted in the same colour as the frame. I attached it to the frame at the very end when i was finished embellishing the frame, I also attached a gold chain from my stash so that i would be able to hang it.
Before I embellished i cut the Photos to size and arranged them in the frame sections.  Some of the embellishments I used where hand made like the crochet flower,the little quote signs, cherish sign and for you sign, and the other embellishments used where bought embellishment which i altered to fit my project.

 This heart was yet another kaisercraft wooden element, which I firstly painted pink and attempted in doing a crackle finish, the crackle did work but was very small which wasn't exactly what i wanted, i wanted more of the pink to show through, but i tried to make it work none the less. I added some bling in the frame section and also an altered felt letter "U" with brown embossing powder, so it would represent the words "love you", in the middle of the gold crackle heart i added a brown heart brad with the prongs cut off so that it would lay flat. I also added a ceramic yellow and pink butterfly to break up a bit of the gold. To the left of the frame section is a flower that i put together.  I started off with a crochet flower i had made, i added a pink flower underneath and a brown glittery flower on top and to finish it off i used a turquoise flat back pearl.

For the middle section i made a little sign which i stamped in brown in and then embossed with clear embossing powder, i then glued two pink gem stone brads on either side which i had removed the back prongs in order to lay flat.
The main focal quote "To the world you're just one person , but to one person you are the world" was initially placed onto some vellum but didn't stand out enough for me, so i backed it onto some thick turquoise pattern paper and decorated it with some gems and pearls.  However since i made it, it had started to curl a touch which i wasn't to happy about so i was able to take it off and back it with chipboard, coloured it with the appropriate turquoise colour and then to give it even more strength i covered the top with glossy accents and so far its doing good.  :)
The last item for this section was the wing and crown heart charm, these are two separate items which i attached to make my own little angel heart charm, to fit my project perfectly, around the charm i also placed some tiny butterfly rub ons.

In this section i placed this beautiful felt butterfly which i happened to have in my stash and thought it went perfectly for this project. I jazzed it up by placing some pink gem stones down the middle of the butterfly and some different sized pearls to either side and an epoxy sticker saying "family times" which goes well with the picture below it.

For this section i had coloured up a doily with some pink ink and layered on a quote sticker. I spruced up the sticker with some corner rub ons and some butterfly rub on as well, grunged up the sticker and edged it with some turquoise. I also adhered two tiny  heart beads on the top and a faux metal sticker on the bottom of the doily.  To the right i glued a simple spray of flowers down which i sprayed with some homemade pink shimmer spray and place another flower set on the bottom.

Lastly in this section i adhered some metal word charms to this photo which i believe represents my mum.  :) 


30th Birthday Exposion Box Mini

This is an explosion box that i made for a very good friend of mine who was turning 30!

All if the layers where cut from a 12x12" pattern paper, there are 3 layers on each side which intern create the box's sides and are held in place by the lid.  On each side layer I've made a photo mat to accompany the photo and have then embellished it accordingly.
The cake tier in the middle of the box was made using old ribbon spools and then decorated with pattern paper and ribbon to look like a cake

Side view of the butterflies which explode out of the box

The box tied up and ready to be delivered! :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gel medium Image Transfer Canvas - 60th Birthday Gift

 This is a canvas I made for my mum, for her 60th birthday.  
I started out by gessoing the canvas and applying the laser printed picture onto the dried canvas face down with gel medium. I smoothed it out and then just let it dry overnight in order to transfer the photo onto the canvas - Visit for a tutorial. Note: since completing this canvas many more tutorials have come out stating that a toner based copy is not needed!

 Once the photo was revealed I proceeded to decorate my canvas with some stamping, adding some handmade flowers and embellishments as well as  package flowers and embellishments, gem flourishes, pearl trims, and to finish it off a piece of lace trim around the edge of the canvas.
♥ ♥ ♥